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Medical Equipment

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Financial leasing of medical equipment

Medical industry refers to hospitals, including general hospital, TCM hospital, TCM and Western medicine integrated hospitals, specialized hospitals, ethnical hospitals, and sanatoriums defined by the Industry Categorization in National Economy released by the National Bureau of Statistics.

Financial leasing of medical equipment is one of the important financial leasing businesses of Huarong Financial Leasing. As of the end of June 2015, we have provided lease of medical equipment for more than 420 hospitals in nearly 30 provinces, cities and regions around China with a financing amount of over CNY 8 billion. Our medical equipment lease business covers most medical equipment. Our customers include a number of Level III Class A hospitals. We play an important role in introducing in high-end medical equipment and improving medical and diagnose technology and infrastructure facilities of hospitals. 

Typical case: financial leasing of medical equipment

A central hospital of a city built a new inpatient and outpatient general building. After the building was built, the hospital would have 800 more ward beds. The planned total investment of the project is CNY 300 million. The roofing of the building had been finished. But the hospital needed CNY 60 million for interior and exterior engineering and CNY 20 million for buying the latest medical equipment. We designed two five-year financial leasing plans. One is sale and leaseback lease amounted CNY 60 million and direct lease of CNY 20 million. The sale and leaseback plan set the medical equipment owned by the hospital as the lease object. We paid a leased asset price of CNY 60 million to the hospital directly, which filled the capital gap of the construction in progress and speeded up the project progress. The hospital determined equipment, supplier, price, models and after-sales service by itself in direct lease. Huarong, the hospital and the equipment supplier signed a three-party agreement. According to the agreement, Huarong paid the price for the equipment directly to the equipment supplier in installments, which ensured the equipment being purchased on time, installed successfully and upgraded in time.