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Manufacturer lease

1. Product features

The equipment manufacturer wants to increase sales but is unable to bear the high amount sales on credit or installment payment from the equipment buyers.

2. Product profile

The equipment manufacturer establishes strategic partnership with China Huarong Financial Leasing (the lessor). The manufacturer recommends equipment buyers to the lessor. The lessor will pay for the equipment and provide financial lease to the equipment buyer (the lessee). The manufacturer provides certain type of guarantee or equipment buy-back for the lease project and does follow-up equipment asset management. During the lease term, the lessee pays rent to the lessor. After the expiration of the lease term, the equipment belongs to the lessee. 

3. Applicable area

Manufacturers which want to increase sales and receive the equipment selling price quickly.

4. Advantages and functions

(1)The manufacturer receives the price for equipment directly. The sales payment collection is fast.

(2)Integrating financial business with the sales system of the manufacturer will help the manufacturer to increase sales and market shares.

(3)The professional credit assessment and risk management ability of the lessor will help the manufacturer to choose more high-quality, long-term business partners.

(4)The manufacturer establishes strategic partnership with the lessor that has comprehensive financial service ability. It is a partnership between two powerful parties that achieves win-win for both parties.

(5)The lessor helps the end user that buys the equipment through financial lease, which improves the ability of the customer and will support the sustainable development of the manufacturer eventually.