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Business Scope

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(1)Financing leasing;

(2)Assigning or being assigned financial leasing assets;

(3)Fixed-income securities investment;

(4)Accepting lease deposit from the lessee;

(5)Accepting fixed-term deposit of which the deposit term is more than 3 months (incl.) from non-bank shareholders;

(6)Inter-bank borrowing ;

(7)Borrowing from financial institutions;

(8)Overseas borrowing;

(9)Selling and disposing leased materials;

(10)Economic consultation.

(11)Issuing bonds;

(12)Establishing project company to operate financial  leasing  business in tariff-free zones in China;

(13)Asset securitization;

(14)Providing guarantee for the financing of subsidiaries and project companies from external parties;

(15)Other businesses approved by China Banking Regulatory Commission.