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Manufacturing Equipment

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Financial leasing of equipment of manufacturing industry

Financial leasing of equipment of manufacturing industry is the kernel and most fundamental business of Huarong Financial Leasing. As of the end of June 2015, we have provided manufacturing equipment for more than 2,200 enterprises around China with a total amount of CNY 93 billion, ranking the front in the industry.

We provide financing service for a number of public companies and renowned companies around China. In Zhejiang Province, we provide financing service to big enterprise groups and local kernel enterprises which are the industrial image of Zhejiang, achieving good result.

Typical case: financial leasing of manufacturing equipment

A machinery manufacturing company is a company listed in Chinese stock A market. It manufactures gears for cars and electric tools. It has cooperated with us for over 10 years. For business development need, it wanted to build a new project in north Jiangsu to produce high-end precision gear forge pieces. However, it lacks fund to support the project. After learning its financing need, we provided two loans of CNY 100 million in total in the form of sale and leaseback  to the company. The leasing term is three years. The fund ensured the new project of the company putting into use smoothly.