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Public Transportation

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financial leasing of public transportation equipment

The public transportation industry refers to passenger transportation with trolley buses and buses defined by the Industry Categorization in National Economy released by the National Bureau of Statistics, including bus passenger transportation in the city; bus passenger transportation in suburbs; trolley bus passenger transportation in the city; mini bus passenger transportation in the city.

Financial leasing of public transportation equipment is one of the important financial leasing businesses of Huarong Financial Leasing.. We have established long-term partnership with a number of public transportation companies, passenger transportation companies in mid-to-big-sized cities and renowned mid-to-high-end passenger car manufacturers in China. As of the end of June 2015, we have provided financial leasing service for public transportation companies in a number of cities with a total amount of over CNY 7 billion, achieving good economic performance and social benefits. 

Typical case: financial leasing project in public transportation area

H City is a developed provincial capital in the coastal area of China. The per capital income is higher than average. The living environment is good. To improve the public transportation system, it urgently needed to buy new public transportation equipment. Though the public transportation company of H City was supported by government subsidy, due to the increasing human cost and the equipment maintenance cost, the company was short of working capital. After we learned the above information, we provided car sale and leaseback service with a total amount of CNY 110 million for the public transportation company. The lease term is 5 years. Through the financial leasing the buses of H City have been upgraded. The number of lines has been doubled. It is convenient for citizens and improves the image of the city.