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Environmental Protection Equipment

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Financial leasing of environmental protection equipment

Financial leasing of environmental protection equipment is one of the important financial leasing businesses of Huarong, which covers water supply, garbage power generation, power plant desulphurization industries and etc. Water supply industry refers to water production and supply industry according to the definition of the Industry Categorization in National Economy released by the National Bureau of Statistics, including three sub-industries: tap water production and supply, wastewater treatment and recycling, other water treatment, recycling and redistribution. We have provided financial leasing of professional water supply and environmental protection equipment including wastewater treatment, tap water and raw water treatment for a number of companies around China, making contributions to financing, sales promotion and asset management of water supply and environmental protection companies and also achieving good social benefits. In addition to financing service in the water supply area, we also provide financing leasing service for environmental protection projects in urban solid waste treatment area, exhaust gas treatment area and etc.

Typical case: financial leasing of environmental protection equipment

A newly-built garbage power generation project in a city was designed to treat domestic garbage of 1,050 tons every day. It was estimated that the total investment was CNY 400 million. In the early stage of the project, the investor did not have enough money but it needed fund urgently to buy core equipment. We designed a 5-year CNY 120 million financial leasing plan and signed a three-party agreement with the investor and the equipment supplier. According to the agreement and the equipment purchase, delivery and installation time points, we paid the price for the equipment directly to the equipment supplier, which ensured the equipment being delivered in time and installed successfully. The engineering was finished on time. It speeded up the project construction progress.