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Ship Transportation Equipment

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Financial leasing of shipping equipment

Shipping industry refers to water transportation industry, including water passenger transportation, water cargo transportation, facilitating activities of water transportation, defined by the Industry Categorization in National Economy amended by the National Bureau of Statistics. The objects of our financial leasing of vessels include various kinds of ships for civil and commercial use including all kinds of bulk cargo ships, container ships, oil tanks, chemical cargo ships, dredgersand etc., ocean engineering equipment and shipyard manufacturing equipment (e.g., heavy lifts and etc.) and the related logistic facilities. Our target market is mainly in the southeast coastal area, the Yangtze Delta economic zone, the Pearl River economic zone, the circum-Bohai sea economic zone and port cities in the middle and lower reaches of the Changjiang River in which the shipping industry is developed. Our main customers include various shipping and shipping service companies, marine engineering companies, shipyards, port administration companies, logistic companies and etc.

Ship lease is one of the professional lease products of Huarong Financial Leasing. As of the end of June 2015, we have developed nearly 100 shipping equipment lease products with an accumulated lease amount of nearly CNY 7 billion. A number of renowned ship and shipping companies have cooperated with us in lease projects.


Typical case: shipping equipment financial leasing project 

A non-state-owned shipping company was founded in 1999 and has a registered capital of CNY80 million. It runs cargo shipping business in the coastal area of China and the middle and lower reaches of the Changjiang River. The company had two multi-purpose ships and two dry bulk cargo ships. The total shipping capacity was 37,000 tons. To enlarge business, the company needed to build a 22,500-ton bulk cargo ship. But it did not have enough money. In view of the special demand of the shipping company, we provided a direct lease financing amounted CNY 95 million to it. We ordered a ship from the shipyard appointed by the company. After the ship was made, we leased the ship to the shipping company. The lease term was five years. During the lease term, the company pays rent to us monthly. After the lease term expires, the company will buy the bulk cargo ship from us at the agreed nominal price and we transfer the ownership of the ship to the shipping company.