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With the support of government of various levels, the regulatory departments and all circles of society, we have based in Zhejiang and faced the entire China since we were founded. We have been committed to exerting the strengths of financial lease tools such as fast response, flexible operation and other strengths in financing, sales promotion, investment promotion areas to work for real economy and support SMEs. We have made unique contributions to promote business technology progress, industrial upgrade and product sales. Meanwhile, we have developed a staff team which is professional, effective, diligent and responsible and have won good reputation in the industry. I would like to express my sincere gratefulness to leaders of various levels and friends from all circles of society for your care and support for the development and growth of China Huarong Financial Leasing.

China Huarong Financial Leasing is one of the first financial leasing companies in China. Supported by China Huarong Asset Management Corporation, controlling shareholder of the company, in capital, information, management and marketing network, we have focused on main business and kept making innovations and have stepped in a new fast-developing stage. At present, we have established a professional marketing and service network covering 31 provinces, regions and cities around China. Our customers are more than 6,500 companies from a number of industries including manufacturing, public transportation, environmental protection and energy, medical and shipping. 

With the strategic goal of creating a well-off society set up in the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China will speed up the industrialization, urbanization, information technology application and agricultural modernization process. Urbanization, the upgrading of the traditional industries, construction of livelihood projects and eco-system conservation will bring unprecedented opportunities for the development of the financial industry. Facing the new development opportunities, we will operate business honestly as ever before. Focusing on working for real economy and supporting SMEs, we persist in specialized, refined and in-depth business operation. With more professional technology, leaner management and higher efficiency, we provide more professional, thoughtful and higher quality service for our customers. We will enhance communication and cooperation with our peers in the financial leasing industry to promote the development and growth of China’s financial leasing undertaking. We will play a more active role in providing service for China’s economic and social development and work hard to create a most valuable financial leasing company. 

Li Peng, Secretary of the CCP Committee and Chairman of the board